Friday, 16 December 2016

Last Day at Hay Park School

Kia ora blogging would,
This school has been a fabulous school to me today is my last day at Hay Park school I will be missing my principal and other staff members. Mrs Archer my teacher that has teached me for the last 2 year, she is a wonderful teacher to me sometime grumpy, but still amazing to Scott class.

Here is some photos of Graturation and old photos of us.

Here is all of us in a photo at Graturation.

This is the Sasa dance

This is when we did Gymnastics Me { Lanu}, Sami, Cicilia,Hulita, Petulista,

Monday, 28 November 2016

Rotoroa Trip

On Tuesday we went to Rotoroa Island at Hauraki Gulf, it was fun because we were all happy that we are going to a trip that's a island. I was so really surprised because my mum was coming, Here is my writing about the boat.

Going onto the boat.

When Scott Class and Killen Class went into the boat I had a butterfly then Mrs Archer said “ I can go outside for a fresh air, My mum took me out, so when I sat on the bench I was feeling a bit sick so I had a sea sick, I was hungry then my mum said “ don’t eat yet before you get your tummy more funny and not good”.

So when we got there I was getting a bit better because the bright sun light was shining it was so hot. Mr Brown Showed us the way to the building that we were going into, he also showed us the fountain to fill our bottle and showed us where the toilets were. We all went for a walk with Talia she showed us A Weka, Tui, Fantail, Takehe, Pateke.

As we all were walking we saw the ladies bay, We also went to the Dam where the Pateke Brown ducks live, we all also went through the forest too see was kind of traps are there and what kind of place where birds live, then after we came back from that hard long walk, Scott Class and Killen Class when too have lunch at the ladies bay there was a Men’s Bay, but we never got too see it.

Then Mr Brown showed us all of Their trap that they put all around the island, they passed around he smell too get the pest to come into the trap, I was Chocolate, Peanut butter mix with chocolate, Orange and also Liquorice. When we were walking back from the ladies bay we heard Saddle back, Tui and Takahe talking to each other we were trying too talking like them. Also when I was sitting on the log listening too Talia I felt a bug coming on me and feeling the wind whooshing me and blowing me away.

After a while we all went on the boat an
d I got to  sit outside again when we were near the downtown Auckland We all saw a Navy Ship, A mountain and people waiting for their ferry, and other islands. Meanwhile  When we were there We all saw traffic and some cars beeping horns and our bus waiting on the other side, after a while when we all got out of the boat I smelled the delicious yummy takeaway, I also smelled salt water it was really yuck because I get a tummy ayc.

Later on when I was on near the ate at the city I saw a Seaweed and boats to pick up people. I discovered the when Mr Brown was talking what was the pested I knew when I was touching the animal's skin I realized that it was a pest, the pest are Stoats, Wallaby, Cat Gecko Possum, Mice, Deer, Rabbit, Hare, Hedgehog, Rat, Rainbow Skink, Weasel, Ferret.
I was Happy that I went to Rotoroa I was my Second time going too a island.

Friday, 14 October 2016

SPCA Launch

Talofa lava Blogging World,
On Wednesday we had our SPCA Launch, Some of Scott Class Students went over to the hall and met some people that came to the SPCA Launch and also some students from Hay Park School did a performance the Kapa Haka Student they were amazing the helpers from Scott Class had to go and read to a dogs and introduce our self's to them I read to 5 dogs it was awesome because they were fluffy and bushy and also cute, There names were Puku, Plum, Maggie, Mandy, Doly, they were all cute.

Here are some photos of Students reading and students doing Kapa Haka.

Here is John Carr Reading one of his book that he made.

Here is John Carr boss John Carr works with her.

Also here am I patting Puku when John Carr was talking about his books that he made.

Also here is the Kapa Haka Students welcoming the SPCA people in.

Here is Cicilia Showing the SPCA people what can you do to take care of animals.


Kia ora Blogging world,
Today I have been learning about what should we do when something happen, and I learnt what would we do when there is a Volcano.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Kia ora Blogging world,
Today Me and my class had an assembly we all had o share something in front of our school, we share our advertisements we also sand a song and demoed an jump jam to everyone it was so fun, then after that the netball b team had to go up on the stage because we came send on our netball game we had to trophy for a our team A team did a great job.

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From Lanuola

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wk 5 Toolkits

Kia Ora Blogging World,
On Tuesday Scott Class, Killen and Setoga did a toolkit, it was so awesome because other schools came. Then I{Lanu} had to stand outside to welcome the other schools to come in. After that we all had a seat to welcome all of the schools, and then we had 3 sessions  and we all had to go to the places and the presenters had to present there work that we don't know. What I really like was Makey Makey, because you can learn more about technology.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wk 4 Ripper Rugby

Kia ora Blogging World,
On Tuesday, Me and our Hay park school teams went over to War Memorial park, to have our ripper rugby game. First the Hay Park boys with the strip T- Shirt was versing the hay park boys blue T-shirt, they were so good that I learnt some skills from them, the Blue T-shirt boys won. The Hay park Girls, were versing Mt Roskill Primary School, and we won by 5 nil. and Mt Roskill Primary school lose, but that was a good game, Well done Mt Roskill and Hay Park. Then the girls was versing May Road, and we all have a tie, then after that we all had a little snack to save our energy for the next game, the last game we , were versing the May Road girls and then we had a tie again, then the ref, said, rematch, and all the other teams was gone, and only Hay Park, and May Road, was only play, then when our team mate Sami scored our last try for us,  we were so happy that we got together and jumped and we were so happy that we won all off our games, and we all took a photo with May Road and Hay Park altogether.
Thank you for reading my blog, here is some photo of us playing.
Here is the blue boys from Hay park, play against may Road Boys.
Go Tyrone!!

Here is Raymond Trying to go for a Try, Lets go Hay park.

Here is The Hay Park girls having a phot with May Road, Nice try May Road and Hay Park.